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A29 San Onofre Protest And Rally Three Mile Island! Chernobyl! Fukushima! San Onofre? Shut Down San Onofre Closed Shut San Onofre
Air Progressive Streaming Radio Station Active Progressive TVand Radio
Aliso Blowout Shut down the Aliso Canyon gas blowout and find out how this was allowed to happen. Hot  
Automatic Registration Explores the possibility of enabling citizen engagement by reducing the thresholds for participation Active  
Blackwater In Southwestern College SWC approved using BW shooting range in trade for on-campus conference room use. Closed Blackwater Otay
Blackwater Los Coyotes Blackwater-Xe mercenary training camp at the Los Coyotes Reservation, near Warner Springs. Closed Private Mercenaries
Blackwater Otay Opposition to private mercenary training center in Otay Mesa, San Diego Closed Private Mercenaries
Blackwater Worldwide Considers the entire family of companies related to Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater Lodge Training Center. Closed Private Mercenaries
Border Security This topic includes discussion of the border fence, and the larger issue of border security and immigration reform. Active  
Budget And Taxation How to fund our government and make sure it is run efficiently. Active  
COPs Program Parent project to all COPs projects. Active  
COPs Resources Compilation of resources and related information useful to COPs participants. Active COPs Program
California Energy Commission Oversight and coordination with this govt institution Active  
Campaign Finance Reform Limit those with money to buy elections. Active Election Integrity
Church State Separation Asserts the doctrine of the separation of church and state. Active  
City Of El Cajon Oversight of City of El Cajon and El Cajon City Council Active  
Climate Change Investigation into the debate over anthropogenic climate change based on Greenhouse gasses. Active Energy Policy
Coalition To Decommission San Onofre Grassroots organizations joined as a party to the California PUC Hot Shut San Onofre
Compensation Reform How to make sure govt workers are fairly compensated. Inactive Budget And Taxation
Cops Chapter SDEC Local Government Oversight Active Cops Chapters
Cops Chapters Local Government working groups Active  
Cops Fundraising Fundraising letters, pleas, etc. Active  
CopsWiki Architecture description and Tutorials of the collboration Platform Active Cops Program
Court Operations Oversight Track Judicial Operations, Judges, etc. Active  
Covert Canyon A shooting range training area in East San Diego County, off Japatul Valley Rd and operated by Marc Halcon. Closed Private Mercenaries
Current Events Theater Screen progressive films to counteract conservative and corporate media. Active  
Deepwater Horizon Background and ideas for dealing with this disaster Active  
Eagle Rock Training Center Blackwater-like training facility on Los Coyotes reservation near Warner Springs Closed Private Mercenaries
East County Transitional Living Center Oversight of a proselytizing homeless living center Active  
Election Audit Lawsuit Lawsuit against the San Diego Registrar of Voter regarding the incomplete audit in the June 2016 Primary Election Hot Election Integrity
Election Integrity Comprises all election integrity issues Active  
Election Oversight June 2016 Review of the primary election in California Hot Election Integrity
Election Team Status and information about our election oversight team Active Election Integrity
Encroachment Law Work related to SDMC54.0110, AKA Encroachment Law Active Occupy San Diego
Energy Policy Consideration of various approaches to solving fossil fuel addiction. Active  
Freedom Of Speech Various efforts to defend our First Amendment rights. Active  
Gmo Open Forum Discuss and understand implications of GMO technology Active  
Govt Info Map Establish standards for reporting information about govt organizations to allow a comprehensive "map" to be developed. Active  
Grossmont Healthcare Board Board Oversight Active  
Grossmont Union High School District Oppose the sad story of a high school district taken over by religious radicals and left in disarray. Now, they've done it again. Active  
Healthcare Policy Track and understand the implications of various healthcare policy options Active Ray Lutz
Israeli Palestinian Conflict Oversight and discussion of perhaps the most divisive conflict on earth. Active  
Knsj Radio Technology and Content of KNSJ Radio Active  
La Mesa Spring Valley School Board Oversight of board, and most recently, the banning of the President's address. Hot  
Lakeside Fire Board Oversight of the Lakeside Fire Board Inactive  
Local Politics East County Politics that is not covered by another project Active  
M11 San Onofre Protest And Rally Rally/Protest on First Anniversary of Fukushima disaster at San Onofre Nuclear generating Station (SONGS) Closed Shut San Onofre
Manual Tally Issues 1% Manual Tally is required for certification of elections but are either not completed or are insufficient to report vote-substitution errors. SERIOUS PROBLEMS DETECTED IN SAN DIEGO! Active Election Integrity
March Against Monsanto Planning for annual march in Balboa Park Active  
Net Neutrality Concerns keeping the Internet open and free to all ideas. Active  
Nine Eleven Inquiry into the truth surrounding the events of 9-11-2001 Active  
Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Active Energy Policy
Nuclear Waste How to deal with ever-increasing deadly nuclear waste. Active Nuclear Energy
Occupy San Diego Expansion of Occupy Wall Street to San Diego Inactive  
One Gun Initiative One Citizen, One Vote, One Gun Active  
Open Ballot Initiative Describes a method of election canvass processing that uses high-speed electronic equipment but is not subject to hacking vulnerabilities Active Election Integrity
Padre Dam Municipal Water District Oversight of this governmental body Inactive  
Park Station At La Mesa Crossroads Huge mixed-use project at El Cajon Blvd and Baltimore Dr. Active  
Pension Reform Considers how to bring public employee pensions under control Active Budget And Taxation
Police Dept Oversight General topic on Police Department Oversight Active  
Private Mercenaries Considers the rise of private mercenary firms and warfare training camps. Active War Profiteering
Procinctu Group Opposition to development of "The Ranch", a mercenary training center in Riverside County Closed Private Mercenaries
Progressive TVand Radio Project to establish and support progressive TV and Radio stations Active  
Project Anatomy A "project of projects" -- how we manage and organize COPs projects on this site. Active COPs Program
Rock Church Ecpac Takeover City of El Cajon entertaining a long-term lease with Rock Church for ECPAC Hot Save ECPAC
San Bruno Explosion Documents and information related to the PG&E Gas Line Explosion in 2010 Active  
San Diego County Canvass Procedure Detailed written procedures for the canvass in San Diego County Inactive Election Integrity
San Diego LAFCO Oversight of this governmental body Active  
San Diego Reinvestment Task Force This committee decides on how money that the city may have is reinvested. Bankers sit around the table. Oppty to get money moved from banks to local community banks. Active City Of San Diego
San Onofre License Amendment Intervention Processing of Petition to Intervene and Request for Hearing regarding License Amendment Request for San Onofre Closed Shut San Onofre
San Onofre Settlement Federal Case Complaint by Citizens Oversight et al vs. CPUC on San Onofre Settlement Hot Stop The Unfair Settlement, Shut San Onofre
Save ECPAC Tracking of management of ECPAC Hot  
Scanner Tape Review Our attempt to audit the elections process in San DIego County regarding Diebold scanner tapes. Closed Election Integrity
Seals At Childrens Pool Seals vs. human use of Children's Pool area in La Jolla Active  
Shut San Onofre Objective is permanent decommissioning of SONGS Hot Nuclear Energy
Shutdown Diablo Goal is permanent shut down of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Hot Nuclear Energy
Snap Dragon Inappropriate change of stadium name in San Diego; Mayor Jerry Sanders committed felony embezzlement Closed  
Snapshot Protocol Uses a snapshot of the election and compares it with the one-percent manual tally. Active Election Integrity
Stieringer Employment Scam Grossmont Healthcare Board member James Stieringer resigned to slip into a $60K/year position he helped create. Closed Grossmont Healthcare Board
Stop Alec Fest Event near the ALEC national conference. Closed  
Stop Nuke Dump Block Construction of new ISFSI at San Onofre 100 feet from the seawall. Hot Shut San Onofre
Stop The Unfair Settlement The utilities are pushing for a quick $3.3B settlement that is unfair to ratepayers Hot Shut San Onofre
Sunrise Powerlink Project to oppose the installation of the Sunrise Powerlink Active Energy Policy
Unexpected Deaths At GH After being cited by the California Medical review board, the community became aware that the District Board was unaware of these events, despite a clear expectation by the community that they stay perform hospital oversight. Closed Grossmont Healthcare Board
War Profiteering Explores the problem with war-for-profit Active  
Water Fluoridation Is Water Fluoridation safe and effective? Hot  
Wind Zero Mercenary-style trainging camp just east of San Diego County in Ocotillo/Nomirage. Closed Private Mercenaries

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