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Intervention in NRC Proceedings -- applicable law and references


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Nuclear Waste How to deal with ever-increasing deadly nuclear waste. Active Nuclear Energy
Settlement To Move San Onofre Waste Citizens Oversight sued the Coastal Commission regarding approval of the permit to allow the Nuclear Waste Storage on the Beach and a Settlement Resulted. This Project tracks and follows that settlement. Active Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Waste, Stop Nuke Dump
Shut San Onofre Objective is permanent decommissioning of SONGS Hot Nuclear Energy
Shutdown Diablo Goal is permanent shut down of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Hot Nuclear Energy

Radiation Exposure and Monitoring

  • Exposure limits of general public --
    • Total effective dose equivalent to individual members of the public < 0.1 rem (1 mSv) / yr, exclusive of the dose contributions from background radiation
    • The dose in any unrestricted area from external sources, < 0.002 rem (0.02 millisievert) in any one hour.
  • § 20.1302 Compliance with dose limits for individual members of the public.
    • (a) The licensee shall make or cause to be made, as appropriate, surveys of radiation levels in unrestricted and controlled areas and radioactive materials in effluents released to unrestricted and controlled areas to demonstrate compliance with the dose limits for individual members of the public in § 20.1301.
    • ... (ii) If an individual were continuously present in an unrestricted area, the dose from external sources would not exceed 0.002 rem (0.02 mSv) in an hour and 0.05 rem (0.5 mSv) in a year.

  • § 20.2103 Records of surveys. --
    • Maintain records at least 3 years.
    • OR until the Commission terminates each pertinent license requiring the record (includes standard in place before 1994), the following records:
      • Results of surveys to determine the dose from external sources and used, in the absence of or in combination with individual monitoring data, in the assessment of individual dose equivalents.
      • Results of measurements and calculations used to determine individual intakes of radioactive material and used in the assessment of internal dose.
      • Results of air sampling, surveys, and bioassays required pursuant to § 20.1703(c)(1) and (2).
      • Results of measurements and calculations used to evaluate the release of radioactive effluents to the environment.

  • § 20.2107 Records of dose to individual members of the public shall be maintained until license termination.

Myths and Concerns

San Onofre is not on the coast and would not be affected by a Tsunami like the plant in Japan.

San Onofre:

One of the major problems with the Japanese plant was that the 23-foot tsunami wiped out backup diesel generators that run the cooling system at the plant. Dietrich said that wouldn’t happen at San Onofre; not only is the plant protected by a 30-foot reinforced seawall—seven feet higher than the crest of the tsunami that struck Japan—but also, the generators are in water-tight, missile-resistant bunkers that sit at an elevation of 30 feet above sea level.

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Fukushima Power Plant:

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I recall reading the elevation was some 45 feet above sea level.

I recall hearing 15meters, which is the same thing. The pictures I saw showed the buildings on a coastal bluff. Most likely the cooling water intakes got fouled by tsunami debris. I heard the diesel gen sets were running when the tsunami hit. On hindsight, it would have been prudent to have diesel gen shutdown during tsunami. I think the reactor buildings themselves were designed for the 15M event, but obviously the emergency cooling system wasn't.

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