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VideoArticle(M1766) Aussie Surfer Leads the Charge to Protect Californian Coast from Nuclear Waste -- , 9 News Australia, 2017-05-21



VideoArticle(M1764) Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach -- , DemocracyNow, 2017-05-17 Features RayLutz


Video(M1762) California Coastal Commission Meeting in San Diego -- , CaliforniaCoastalCommission, 2017-05-11 Features DrTomEnglish, TorgenJohnson


Video(M1758) Politically Speaking: Dealing with San Onofre Waste -- GeneCubbison, SanDiegoNBC7, 2017-04-21

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VideoArticle(M1739) Nuclear waste storage moves ahead as Issa, others, seek to relocate it -- JeffMcDonald, UnionTribune, 2017-02-02


VideoPDF(M1705) Lawsuit to require preservation of ballot images in Pima County AZ, 2016 -- JohnBrakey, AuditAZ, 2016-10-15


VideoArticle(M1738) Critics Question Plans For Nuclear Waste Storage At San Onofre -- Nuclear expert says itís a 'witches brew of radioactivity' -- JwAugust, SanDiegoNBC7, 2016-09-23


Video(M1695) Ray Lutz interviewed by Sane Progressive on Election Integrity -- Debbie Lusignan, Sane Progressive, 2016-09-02


Video(M1687) Court Hearing for TRO to Stop Pima Co From Distroying Ballot Images 8.30.16 -- JohnBrakey, AuditAZ, 2016-08-30 Related to AZ_Pima


VideoArticle(M1741) Group calls for moving San Onofre waste to Arizona -- RobNikolewski, UnionTribune, 2016-08-19


VideoArticle(M1665) Primary Election Lawsuit -- , KusiNews, 2016-06-28


VideoArticle(M1634) San Onofre Power Plant closure sparks lawsuit -- DanPlante, KUSI, 2016-01-27


Video(M1637) Relief Well Operations -- , So Cal Gas, 2016-01-17


VideoArticle(M1631) Naked America -- Nuclear Power, Insurance and Health -- Earth Focus, KCET, 2016-01-14 "Going naked" is a term the insurance industry uses to describe not having insurance. And when it comes to the worst hazards of nuclear power, America is going naked. Correspondent Miles Benson investigates why the U.S. nuclear power industry is underinsured by hundreds of billions of dollars. He also speaks with Australian physician, author, and nuclear industry critic Dr. Helen Caldicott on the health effects of nuclear radiation, which include cancer, fetal damage, and genetic mutation.


Video(M1639) Californiaís Methane Gas Leak Environmental Catastrophe Explained -- , The Lip TV, 2016-01-06


Video(M1640) A Staggering Methane Leak Has Caused a State of Emergency in CA -- Thom Hartmann, RT.com, 2016-01-06 Features Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


VideoArticle(M1589) Hundreds rally against genetically modified foods -- Angie Lee, News 8, 2015-05-23

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CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8


VideoArticle(M1580) Chipotle is now GMO-free -- Cristina Alesci, Cnn Money, 2015-04-27


VideoArticle(M1574) Polluted San Diego sues Monsanto -- , RT, 2015-03-18


Video(M1557) Assy Cte on Utilities and Commerce Hearing on CPUC -- , California State Assembly, 2015-03-16


Video(M1551) Crooks Honoring Crooks -- Attendee Intercept at Peevey Gala -- Steve Zeltzer, Labor Video Project, 2015-02-12 Related to: PeeveyPartyProtest


VideoPresentationArticle(M1525) NRC Division of Spent Fuel Management (DSFM) Regulatory Conference -- , NuclearRegulatoryCommission, 2014-11-19


VideoArticle(M1579) MIT Researcherís New Warning: At Todayís Rate, Half Of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic By 2025 -- Nick Meyer, althealthworks.com, 2014-10-28


VideoArticle(M1507) End of an era at San Onofre: Final siren test -- Jeff Zevely, CbsNews, 2014-10-15


Video(M1501) Group wants conditions for Rock Church lease -- Matt Johnson, CbsNews, 2014-09-23 Features RayLutz

CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8


Video(M1489) Controversy Surrounds Future Of East County Performing Arts Center -- Amita Sharma Maureen Cavanaugh Megan Burke, Kbps News, 2014-09-09 Go to offset 15:00; Features RayLutz and BillWells, El Cajon Mayor


Video(M1585) The Alarming Truths About Genetically Modified Foods -- , Mercola, 2014-07-22 Nice 5-minute overview of GMO problem


Video(M1753) NUHOMS Used Nuclear Fuel Loading -- , Areva Transnuclear, 2014-06-11


Video(M1460) THE RISE OF THE OLIGARCHS Empire interview with Erik Prince -- , AlJazeera, 2014-05-29 Features ErikPrince


VideoArticle(M1448) Mike Aguirre gets cussed out at CPUC -- MorganLee, UnionTribune, 2014-05-22 Related to: PeeveyPartyProtest


Video(M1604) Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Carman About GMO Dangers -- , , 2014-05-18 Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Judy Carman about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods.


Video(M1587) GMO Whistleblower Thierry Vrain talks to Cristie Paris and Nick Bernabe -- , , 2014-04-20


Video(M1520) Into Eternity - Tour of Onkalo Nuclear Waste Repository in Finland -- , Magic Hour Films, 2014-02-03 Excellent and detailed tour of the Onkalo Nuclear waste repository in Finland and related concerns.


Video(M1402) CPUC Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding 2012 -- RayLutz, Citizens Overisight, 2013-10-21 CPUC:A.12-12-012/013


Video(M1461) Shutdown Diablo - California's Last Nuke Standing -- LindaSeeley, Mothers For Peace Ecological Options Network, 2013-08-13

Disclose.tv - Danger at Diablo Canyon Last California Nuclear Plant Standing


Video(M1459) DIABLO - California's Last Nuke Standing -- LindaSeeley, EcologicalOptionsNetwork, 2013-07-30


Video(M1442) Go Down Swinging! -- MichaelTurko, KusiNews, 2013-05-13 Features MichaelAguirre


Video(M1404) Fluoridegate -- A Documentary -- Dr. David Kennedy, , 2013-01-17


Video(M1377) Judge Darling loses control after San Onofre pre-hearing conference. -- United Public Workers For Action, laborvideo, 2013-01-08


Video(M1337) So Cal Edison's efforts to restart generator at San Onofre nuclear plant run into snag -- Atomic Safety & Licensing Board demands documents -- John Carroll, AbcNewsSanDiego, 2012-12-08


Video(M1334) Activist wants hearing on nuke plant licensing -- Kristina Lee, Fox5News, 2012-12-06


Video(M1286) Concerns of Fukushima parallel in Calif. -- Erin Burnett Out Front, CNN, 2012-07-27


Video(M1633) How Is Uranium Mining Conducted in the United States? -- , Nuclear Energy Institute, 2012-07-10 Reducing weapons grade uranium inventory is a good thing but the waste nuclear plants create is more toxic than the uranium itself.


Video(M1309) Previously Classified Documents Unveil Potential Fire Dangers At San Onofre -- Randy Paige, CbsNews, 2012-05-14 Features DanielHirsch


Video(M1376) Tsunami Risk Assessment -- , Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2012-04-17


Video(M1232) Occupy activists try to arrest mayor -- James R. Riffel, Fox5News, 2012-01-30 SnapDragon JerrySanders RayLutz -- Includes Video


Video(M1211) Occupy Movements in San Diego, Oklahoma City, Boise Dig in -- , pbs.org, 2011-12-08 Includes coverage of the arrest of RayLutz and subsequent challenge to voter registration tables.


Video(M1207) Raw video of Ray Lutz being arrested at Freedom Plaza (Civic Center) -- , , 2011-11-29 Lutz was arrested on Tuesday, November 29th after setting up a voter registration table in Civic Center Plaza.


Video(M1217) Eye witness accounts of Ray Lutz arrest -- EugeneDavidovich, OccupySD99, 2011-11-29


Video(M1299) Occupy SD Ray Lutz Arrested for Registering Voters Nov 29 -- OccupySD99, YouTube, 2011-11-29


Video(M1300) Voter Registration Arrest San Diego -- 1ionessa, YouTube, 2011-11-29


Video(M1191) Sounds of Occupation - One Word -- , AWOL Circus -- Flip Factory Productions, 2011-11-01


Video(M1192) Occupy San Diego -- veterans take a stance -- , AWOL Circus -- Flip Factory Productions, 2011-11-01


Video(M1193) Occupy San Diego - Sounds of Occupation - 'Lap One' -- , AWOL Circus -- Flip Factory Productions, 2011-11-01


Video(M1221) Police in Riot Gear End Occupy San Diego Protest Source: Police in Riot Gear End Occupy San Diego Protest -- , SanDiegoNBC7, 2011-10-28 ArrestsOn2011Oct28 2 Raw Videos; Mentions JerrySanders


Video(M1222) OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-28 -- Philip Peinado, OccupySanDiego, 2011-10-28 ArrestsOn2011Oct28 (Total Time 3:26:33)


Video(M1220) OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-27 -- Philip Peinado, OccupySanDiego, 2011-10-27


Video(M1219) OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-26 -- Philip Peinado, OccupySanDiego, 2011-10-26


Video(M1189) Calif. Cops Remove Occupy Protesters -- , AssociatedPress, 2011-10-20


Video(M1409) The Corporation -- Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, Mark Achbar and Bart Simpson, 2011-10-20 Not sure of actual publish date.


Video(M1173) News 8 takes rare tour inside Eagle Rock Training Center - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB -- , News 8, 2011-05-26


Video(M1153) Rep. Hunter: 'I Would Love A Conservative Dictatorship' -- Fox News, YouTube, 2011-04-18 DuncanHunterJr


VideoArticle(M1465) Calif. of most concern for US nuclear plants near fault lines -- , Bakersfield Now, 2011-03-16


Video(M1752) Holtec International on Discovery Science Channel - Description of Canisters -- , Discovery Channel, 2011-02-07 As seen on "How It's Made", Season 9, Episode 11


Video(M1075) Highlight Reel Shows Lutz, Benoit Targeting Duncan D. Hunter at Debate -- Ashlie Rodriguez and Ken Stone, La Mesa Patch, 2010-10-18 Features RayLutz and DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1083) Ray Lutz confronts Duncan Hunter outside Republican Business Women 'Meet the Candidates' event -- , , 2010-09-07 Features RayLutz and DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1686) Maricopy Precinct Selection Meeting for Aug 2010 Election -- JohnBrakey, AuditAZ, 2010-08-30 Precinct Selection Meeting: AZ_Maricopa county does not provide computer results that can be compared with the hand tally, which makes the audit a sham.


Video(M1048) Duncan D. Hunter speaks at Tool and Machinsts Assn Event, Kearny High -- Michael Russell, San Diego Sustainable Future, 2010-08-24 Features DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1084) Ray Lutz confronts Duncan Hunter at 'Politics in Paradise' event -- , , 2010-08-20 Features RayLutz and DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1029) Ray Lutz Interview on CNN -- Kyra Phillips, CNN, 2010-08-19 Features RayLutz and DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1022) Politicians Starving to Debate -- Lawrence ODonnell, MSNBC Hardball, 2010-08-18 Features RayLutz and DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1016) The 'Last Supper' of Ray Lutz prior to Hunger Strike -- RayLutz, VoteRayLutz, 2010-08-12 Features RayLutz


Video(M1017) Request to Debate delivered to Duncan D. Hunter (and refused) -- RayLutz, VoteRayLutz, 2010-08-09


Video(M995) Duncan D. Hunter on Birthright Citizenship -- , YouTube, 2010-04-24 Features DuncanHunterJr


Video(M1064) Way too cozy! Private meetings between SDG&E officials, and state public utility commissioners. -- MichaelTurko, KusiNews, 2010-04-20 SDG&E wines and dines CPUC officials just before the SunrisePowerlink approval


Video(M959) Interview - Jeff Halper - The Global Pacification Industry -- Jeff Harper, YouTube, 2010-02-26


Video(M901) Local Assemblyman Faces Illegal Contributions Allegations -- , AbcNewsSanDiego, 2009-12-09 Features JoelAnderson


Video(M898) Blackwaterís Secret War in Pakistan: Jeremy Scahill Reveals Private Military Firm Operating in Pakistan Under Covert Assassination and Kidnapping Program -- JeremyScahill, DemocracyNow, 2009-11-24


Video(M841) Pres. Obama National Address to Students -- President Barack Obama, Whitehouse.gov, 2009-09-08


Video(M812) US security firm faces fresh allegations - 07 Aug 09 -- , AlJazeera, 2009-08-07


Video(M785) Forum Held Over Southwestern College's Contract With Military Security Firm XE -- , Kfmb Radio, 2009-05-14 BlackwaterInSouthwesternCollege


Video(M873) Ethics and Military Contractors: Examining the Public-Private Partnership. -- Mc Cain Conference, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, United States Naval Academy (Citizens Oversight), 2009-04-23


Video(M723) Romoland angry over training center -- Rob Mc Millan, AbcNews, 2009-01-30


Video(M697) U.S. Justice Department hands down 35-charge indictments against Blackwater Guards -- , CSpan, 2008-12-08 NisourSquareMassacre VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE


Video(M666) Public Comment by Raymond Lutz regarding lack of reports from Diebold Scanner equipment -- , San Diego County, 2008-10-28 Skip to offset 38:00; ScannerTapeReview; SanDiegoCountyCanvassProcedure


Video(M627) Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC -- Barack Obama, DNC, 2008-08-29


Video(M636) Dennis Kucinich addresses impeachment at PDA event -- Dennis Kucinich, , 2008-08-28 Sign the Petition at http://www.Kucinich.us


Video(M581) Officials Hope To Expand County Wind Energy -- AbcNewsSanDiego, AbcNewsSanDiego, 2008-08 Features JeanetteHartman; Includes footage of the Border Fence work with DuncanHunter and BrianBilbray.


Video(M583) Smugglers Gulch + BLM proposing wind energy plans for the East County -- Rett Lawrence, AbcNewsSanDiego, 2008-08-01 Features JeanetteHartman, DuncanHunter


Video(M734) A Divided Friendship -- , UCSD, 2008-07-29 Details Friendship Park and its planned demise.


Video(M567) The Ballad of Esequiel HernŠndez Lesson Plan — Video Clip -- Kieran Fitzgerald, Pbs Org, 2008-07-08


Video(M565) US Private Contractor Leads Torture Training in Mexico -- Kristin Bricker, Narco Sphere, 2008-07-02 WARNING -- TORTURE VIDEO IS DISTURBING.


Video(M573) Free for All! -- John Wellington Ennis, John Wellington Ennis, 2008-07-01 Detailed review of 2004 election irregularities in Ohio


Video(M529) Protesters Rally Against Blackwater Facility -- , KusiNews, 2008-06-11


Video(M560) Activists Protest Outside Blackwater Building -- Kristine Frazao, SanDiegoNBC7, 2008-06-11


Video(M514) KO Special Comment: Bush, The War, and His Golf Game Pt 1 -- Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, 2008-05-14a


Video(M515) KO Special Comment: Bush, The War, and His Golf Game Pt 2 -- Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, 2008-05-14


Video(M509) Southern California Residents Gear Up for New Fight to Stop Secretive Expansion by Military Firm Blackwater -- Amy Goodman, Raymond Lutz, Bob Filner, DemocracyNow, 2008-05-02 Ray Lutz featured on DemocracyNow!


Video(M482) Local Journalist Discusses Book on Blackwater -- Katie Delong, TMJ4, 2008-03-25 Interview with Jeremy Scahill


Video(M492) San Diego Smart Energy 2020 -- Bill Powers, San Diego Renewable Energy Society, 2008-02-20


Video(M421) Face Off: Thom vs Blackwater USA -- , Go Left TV, 2008-02-04


Video(M425) Bill Moyers Journal: The Oversight and Government Reform Committee -- , PBS.org, 2008-02-01 Includes Rep. Henry Waxman's views on Blackwater


Video(M712) Recount -- , Hbo Films, 2008 [ Screened 2008-08-24 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Bonnie Rawson has DVD. ]


Video(M970) 9/11 -- Blueprint for Truth -- Richard Gage, AIA, AE911truth.org, 2008


Video(M719) The American Denial of Global Warming -- Naomi Oreskes, Ph.D., Ucsd Tv, 2007-12-20 Important encapsulation of Global Warming issue and the plan to undermine it.


Video(M376) Votes Cast in Blackwater Recall Election -- , NBCSan Diego, 2007-12-11


Video(M628) Olbermann: Bush has no business being President -- Keith Olbermann, Ms Nbc, 2007-12-06


Video(M349) Rise and Fall of Blackwater in Potrero -- Andy Trimlett, Alternate Focus, 2007-11-25


Video(M338) Blackwater Looks To Open Southern California Training Center -- Ken Bastida, CBSNews, 2007-11-22


Video(M314) Blackwater Divides California Community -- Rob Reynolds, Aljezeera, 2007-11-14 Uploaded to YouTube on 09/17/2007


Video(M699) Loose Change Final Cut -- Dylan Avery, Louder Than Words, 2007-11-14


Video(M790) Judgment Day -- Intelligent Design on Trial -- , Pbs Nova, 2007-11-13 Have DVD.


Video(M279) Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater: They're Christian Supremacists With a Conversion Agenda [VIDEO] -- , AlterNet, 2007-11-06


Video(M612) Blackwater Poem Reading -- So Cal 2 Ky, YouTube, 2007-11-04 NisourSquareMassacre


Video(M803) Money as Debt -- Paul Grignon, YouTube, 2007-10-28 MonetaryPolicy


Video(M611) Nisour -- footage of the event? -- , YouTube, 2007-10-24 NisourSquareMassacre


Video(M207) Video of Civil Disobedience at Blackwater Gate in North Carolina -- Rebecca Cerese, Blackwater Watch, 2007-10-22


Video(M211) Harris Fire -- Day 2 -- DonnaLee, , 2007-10-22


Video(M610) Peace activists invade Blackwater -- , Blackwater Watch, 2007-10-21 NisourSquareMassacre


Video(M201) JeremyScahill on Blackwater -- Bill Moyers, Bill Moyers Journal, 2007-10-19


Video(M228) Blackwater Chief Welcomes Extra Oversight -- Lara Logan, Sixty Minutes, 2007-10-14


Video(M210) John Edwards takes position on Blackwater -- Keith Olbermann, John Edwards, Ms Nbc, 2007-10-03


Video(M191) Robert Greenwald vs. Frank Gaffney regarding Blackwater -- Chris Matthews, Robert Greenwald, Frank Gaffney, Hard Ball, 2007-10-02


Video(M657) Biofuels: The Science of Creating Greener Energy -- , Ucsd Tv Molecules For The Media, 2007-09-24


Video(M174) The truth behind Blackwater -- Keith Olbermann, Jeremy Scahill, Ms Nbc, 2007-09-21


Video(M176) Jeremy Scahill, Author, 'Blackwater' comments on recent events in Iraq regarding Blackwater -- JeremyScahill, CSpan, 2007-09-20


Video(M165) Can Iraq (or Anyone) Hold Blackwater Accountable for Killing Iraqi Civilians? A Debate on the Role of Private Contractors in Iraq -- Amy Goodman Jeremy Scahill Doug Brooks, DemocracyNow, 2007-09-18


Video(M166) Security Firm With Sites On East County, Ordered Out Of Iraq -- RaymondLutz, NBCSan Diego, 2007-09-18


Video(M629) Cheney in 1994 on Iraq: 'would be a quagmire' -- Dick Cheney, YouTube, 2007-08-15 For once, he was right, but he wanted Halliburton to be making money on the quagmire, and then it's okay!


Video(M133) Blackwater North Gathering at the Gate -- , Video News Service, 2007-08-11


Video(M106) Blackwater Report Broadcast Aug. 9 On KNBC -- Paul Moyer, KNBC, 2007-08-09


Video(M91) Blackwater Opponents Say County Employee Has Conflict of Interest -- AmitaSharma, KPBS Full Focus, 2007-07-24


Video(M73) Blackwater Military Firm Bears Extended Local Backlash -- AmitaSharma, KPBS Full Focus, 2007-07-13


Video(ZeitgeistTheMovie) Zeitgeist The Movie -- , Peter Joseph, 2007-06-25 Promoted by CitizensOversight [ Screened 2007-09-16 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ] PublicAccessTV


Video(M630) The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal? -- , Pinky Show, 2007-05-25


Video(M33) Pivotal Family Lawsuit Against Blackwater USA Blocked from Court -- and Moved to Panel with Company Ties -- Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Bill Sizemore, DemocracyNow, 2007-05-23


Video(M35) News 8 Exclusive: Secret 'Covert Canyon' Training Camp Operating In Alpine -- Marc Halcon, News 8, 2007-05-23 [Includes two parts]


Video(M18) A Broad Look at Blackwater USA Jeremy Scahill -- JeremyScahill, FullFocus, 2007-05-01


Video(M13) Blackwater Plans for New Military Facility Near San Diego Draws Fire From Residents, Peace Activists and Local Congressmember -- Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, Rep. Bob Filner, Raymond Lutz, DemocracyNow, 2007-04-19


Video(M2) Mercenary Camp -- , KNSD-TV, 2007-04-05 Features CarlMeyer, RaymondLutz


Video(M4) Potrero Residents Oppose Training Facility -- , KusiNews, 2007-04-05


Video(M707) JFK II - The Bush Connection -- , , 2007-02-21 [ Screened 2008-06-29 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD.]


Video(M810) 9/11: The Myth and Reality -- David Ray Griffin, 9/11 TV.org, 2007-02-20 Theologian David Ray Griffin carefully reviews the official myth of events of 9/11. 90 min.


Video(M1549) Dennis Leary On Public Communications -- Dennis Leary, YouTube, 2007-01-09 Video emphasizes that the body can briefly discuss the item and put it on a future agenda, at the Ojai City Council Meeting


Video(M942) Occupation 101 -- , TRIPíOLíII PRODUCTIONS, 2007-01-01 Publication date is an estimate.


Video(M711) Buying the War -- Bill Moyers, Pbs Org, 2007 [ Screened 2008-07-27 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Bill Bothamley has DVD.


Video(M987) Occupation 101 -- , TRIPíOLíII PRODUCTIONS, 2007


Video(M702) The Ground Truth -- , Focus Features, 2006-12-21 Screened 2007-02-25 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary

The ground truth Human cost of war by inet


Video(M704) Hijacking Catastrophe -- , MediaEducationFoundation, 2006-10-20 [ Screened 2007-06-24 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD ]


Video(M293) Iraq for Sale -- RobertGreenwald, BraveNewFilms, 2006-10-08 [ Screened 2006-10-15 and 25 Mar 2007 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. No longer have the DVD.]


Video(M290) The Tale of Prince - A War Profiteer -- , BraveNewFilms, 2006-09-25


Video(M698) The Big Buy: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress -- RobertGreenwald, BraveNewFilms, 2006-09-10 Screened 2006-09-10 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have the DVD.


Video(M1550) 'Zuma Dogg' proves you don't have to ID yourself in public comment. -- Zuma Dogg, YouTube, 2006-07-07


Video(M99) Bush comments on Private Military Contractors -- George WBush, SAIS - School of Advanced International Studies, 2006-04-10


Video(M700) 9/11 Press for Truth -- , Standard Issue Films, 2006 [ Screened 2006-11-05 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ]


Video(M703) America: Freedom to Fascism -- Aaron Russo, , 2006 [ Screened 2007-05-20 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ]


Video(M708) American Blackout -- , Guerrilla News Network, 2006 [ Screened 2007-11-11 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ]


Video(M709) Shadow Company -- , Purpose Films, 2006 [ Screened 2008-01-27 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ]


Video(M292) Private Warriors -- Martin Smith, PBS Front Line, 2005-06-21 details the March 31, 2004 Blackwater catastrophe and describes the general situation with private security contractors in Iraq.


Video(M1169) Thanks for the Memories: Story of Saddam Hussein -- , , 2005 Flash presentation


Video(M701) Sir! No Sir! -- David Zeiger, , 2005 [ Screened 2007-01-28 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary ]


Video(M720) Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land -- U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict -- , MediaEducationFoundation, 2004 Screened 2009-02-22 at El Cajon Library


Video(M772) Neurovisceral Integration: Implications for Cognition, Emotion, and Health -- Julian F. Thayer, Ph.D., Laboratory of Personality and Cognition, NIA, 2001-12-21 This is a very technical video that may explain why authoritarian personalities exist


Video(M948) Israel: Birth of a Nation -- , HistoryChannel, 1997 1948 Events from the perspective of Jews


Video(GreatGlobalWarmingSwindle) Great Global Warming Swindle -- Martin Durkin, Martin Durkin,


Video(M705) September 11 Revisited -- , , [ Screened 2007-07-29 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD. ]


Video(M706) War Made Easy -- Norman Solomon, MediaEducationFoundation, Screened 2007-08-27 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary. Have DVD.


Video(M710) Uncounted -- David Earnhardt, , Screened 2008-02-24 at RanchoSanDiegoLibrary.


Video(M88) Guns for Hire: Afghanistan -- , Princess Productions, carbonhq.com,


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