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Citizens Oversight (2015-02-22) Ray Lutz

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More Info: California Public Utilities Commission, Coalition To Decommission San Onofre, Energy Policy, San Bruno Explosion, Shutdown Diablo, Shut San Onofre

Peevey Gala Event Sponsors

Name Organization How Connected Photo
Ackerman, Gary      
Arth, Peter      
Baca, Tom International VP of the Western States, Boilermakers Union $5K Sponsor, CFEE Member  
Bagley, William & Diane Attorney, Nossaman LLP CFEE Emeritus Member  
Balgenorth, Bob President, State Building Construction Trades Council, CA Construction Labor Management Trust Labor, CFEE Member
Bicker, Lisa      
Brady, Henry E. Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy, Berkeley Accepted Surplus revenue from the event
Brown, Geoff Vice President of Sales at LED Engin Energy Efficient Lighting Vendor  
Brown, Kathleen partner in law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips; Board member, Sempra Energy Sister of Gov. Jerry Brown KathleenBrown.jpg
  California Solar Industries Association    
Carter, Art      
Cavanagh, Ralph      
Chong, Rachelle VP, Government Affairs, California Region, Comcast CFEE Member  
Clark, John Goodin MacBride Squeri Day & Lamprey See Day, Michael  
Cragg, Brian Goodin MacBride Squeri Day & Lamprey See Day, Michael  
Cremins, Tim Director of Edu. Research, CA.-NV. Conf. of Operating Engineers CFEE Member  
Curtin, Danny California Conference of Carpenters CFEE Director  
Dalzell, Tom Int'l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, Local Union No. 1245 $5K - Labor Union, CFEE Business Manager/Financial Secretary DazellThomas_IBEW.jpg
Day, Michael Goodin MacBride Squeri Day & Lamprey $10K - Attorney Firm that practices before the CPUC rep. energy companies  
Del Chiaro, Bernadette      
Douglass, Dan      
Epstein, Bob Co-founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs; Co-founder and former EVP, Sybase Member of Board of Advisors of Goldman School of Public Policy
Foster, Bruce      
Foster, Robert      
Gnaizda, Bob      
Gomez, David Southern CA IBEW NECA Labor Management Cte $5K Labor Unions  
Hallisey, Jerry      
Hardee, David W.      
Hunter, Robbie State Building and Construction Trades Council of CA $5K  
Kammen, Dan   Professor  
Kennedy, Joseph P II      
Kennedy, Susan   Former CPUC Commissioner 2003-2005; Voted for RSG Project. Now heading up alternative energy firms in sweetheart contracts with energy firms. Susan_Kennedy.jpg
Knox, John & Jean Attorney, Nossaman LLP CFEE Emeritus Member  
Kropke, Marvin IBEW, Local 11 CFEE Business Manager KropkeMarvin_IBEW_11.jpg
Lacayo, Hank & Leah      
Larson, Steve      
Lavin, Patrick IBEW, Local No. 47 $5K, Labor Union, CFEE Business Manager/Financial Secretary LavinPatrick_IBEW_4.jpg
Layton, Mike Southern CA Pipe Trades District Council #16 $5K, Labor Union  
Lindh, Frank      
Johnson, Brian      
Liu-Klein, Jared & Jennifer      
MacBride, Tom Jr. Goodin MacBride Squeri Day & Lamprey See Day, Michael  
Mason, Patrick F. CFEE President    
McDermott, Dianne & Tracy      
McGuire, Wally      
McNally, Jack IBEW Local Union 1245 CFEE Treasurer & Special Assist to the Business Manager,  
McNeely, Kenneth P. President, California CFEE  
McPeak, Sunne President CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund CFEE  
Mejia, Jose California State Council of Laborers $5K, Labor Union, CFEE  
Melodia, Sharon & Paul      
Miller, George & Cynthia      
Minning, Dave      
Moore, Gwen      
Muir, Linda      
Visnich, Dan      
Nichols, Mary      
Nunez, Fabian Former Speaker of the California State Assembly (2004–2008)   FabianNunez.jpg
O'Conner, Barbara (Dr.)      
Peevey, Maria      
Pfannenstiel, Jackie      
Pfund, Nancy      
Picker, Michael CPUC Incoming CPUC President; Former Aide to Gov. Brown MichaelPickerSm.jpg
Pisano, Mark Senior Fellow, USC CFEE Director  
Richard, Dan Commissioner, California High Speed Rail Authority CFEE  
Ritey, Dan      
Rive, Lyndon Solar City $5K, Vendor  
Rive, Peter Solar City    
Roos, Tracy & Mike      
Ryan, Nancy      
Smutey-Jones, Jan Executive Director, independent Energy Producers Association CFEE Director  
Solem, Don & Anne Solem & Associates PR Firm, Organized the Gala, accepted the money that was originally earmarked for Berkeley DonSolem.jpg
Squeri, James Goodin MacBride Squeri Day & Lamprey See Day, Michael  
Thomas, Beverly Benedict      
Tyrrell, Denise      
Vial, Rosemary      
Weissenmiller, Robert California Energy Commission CEC President weisenmiller_150x190.jpg
White, John V.      
??, Chuck & Annie      
  Southern CA District Council of Laborers $5K, Labor Union  


“CFEE is one of the unique California institutions that can effectively bring together stakeholders representing divergent views to discuss and act on the critical issues of the day. Energy, water, transportation are all areas where I have seen CFEE play a key role in moving the needle on important policy matters. CFEE is nimble, entrepreneurial and relevant.” Kathleen Brown Former California State Treasurer

Name Organization How Connected Photo
Bottorff, Thomas PG&E  
Pickett, Stephen Edison  
Skopec, Daniel Sempra  
Dazell, Thomas M. IBEW  
Kropke, Marvin IBEW Local 11 Business Manager
Lavin, Patrick IBEW Local 47 Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Balgenorth, Robert CA Con Labor Mgt Trust  
Diaz, Cesar St. Bldg Con Trades Council  

    • PATRICK JOHNSTON, Chairman
    • SHERYL CARTER, Vice-Chairman, No. California
    • FREDERICK E. JOHN, Vice-Chairman, So. California
    • F MASON, President
    • K.C. BISHOP, Secretary
    • JACK MCNALLY, Treasurer
    • Adrienne Alvord, Director, California and Western States, Union of Concerned Scientists
    • Curt Augustine, Director of Policy Govt. Affairs, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
    • J Thomas Baca, International VP of the Western States, Boilermakers Union
    • Robert L Balgenorlh, President, State Building Construction Trades Council
    • Stephen Berberich, President Chief Executive Officer, CA Independent System Operator
    • K.C. Bishop, Senior Consultant, Calif. State Relations, Chevron Corporation
    • Julie Blunden, Executive Vice President, Public Policy Corp. Communications, Sun Power Corp.
    • Ellie Booth, Director, State Government Relations, Covanta Energy Corporation
    • Thomas E. Bottorff, Senior V P Regulatory Relations, Pacic Gas 8. Electric Company
    • Darren Bouton, Vice President - State Government Affairs, First Solar, Inc.
    • Beth A. Bowman, Senior Vice President, Shell Energy North America
    • Sheryl Carter, Co-Director of the Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Meg Catzen~Brown, Senior Policy Advisor, Nossaman LLP
    • John Chillemi, President, Gen On Energy
    • Rachelle B. Chong, VP, Government Affairs, California Region, Comcast
    • Patricia T. Clarey, Sr. VP, External Relations and Regulatory Ofcer, Health Net, Inc
    • John J. Coffey, Consultant
    • Timothy T Cremins, Director of Edu. Research, CA.-NV. Conf. of Operating Engineers
    • Daniel M. Curtin, Director, California Conference of Carpenters
    • Martin Daley, Vice President General Manager, Dynegy Power, LLC
    • Thomas M. Dalzell, Business Manager/Financial Secretary, Local Union 1245
    • Joseph F Desmond, SVP, Government Affairs Communications, Brightsource Energy
  • Board of Directors
    • Thomas Doyle, President. NRG Energy
    • Jim Earp, Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs
    • Bradley L. Edgar, President, Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, LLC
    • Scott Farris, Director, Government Relations, Transcanada Corporation
    • Victor H. Fazlo, Senior Advisor, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld
    • Christine M. Frahm, Attorney/Legislative Advocate, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
    • Arturo Gandara, Professor of Law Emeritus, School of Law, U.C. Davis
    • Michael Gianunzio, Director, Chief Legislative Regulatory Affairs Officer, S.M.U.D
    • Kassandra F. Gough, Director, Government Legislative Affairs, Calpine Corporation
    • Tristan Grimbert, President Chief Executive Officer, enXco
    • John Hanula, Vice President, CH2 M Hill
    • Laura Harnish, Regional Director, Environmental Defense Fund
    • Kerry Hattevik, Director of West Market Affairs, Next Era Energy Resources
    • Frederick E. John, Energy Consultant
    • Patrick Johnston, Chair, CFEE
    • Brian Jordan, Sr. Vice President, U.S. West Region Water, AECOM
    • Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of So. California
    • Marvin P. Kropke, Business Manager, Local Union 11
    • Denise L. Kruger, Senior Vice President, Regulated Utilities, Golden State Water Company
    • Patrick Lavin, Business Manager/Financial Secretary, Local 47
    • Deane Leavenworth, Regional V. P., Govt. Relations, West Region, Time Warner Cable
    • Michael Liikala, International Representative, ACS Infrastructure Development
    • Mary V. P., Regulatory Legis. Affairs, Constellation Energy Commodities Group
    • Robert Mac Lean, President, California American Water
    • Thomas Martinez, Executive Director Business Development,
    • Patrick F Mason, President
    • Timothy J. Mc Ca|lion, President - West Region, Verizon
    • Carolyn President, California Cable Telecommunications Association
    • Jack Mc Nally, Special Assist to the Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 1245
    • Kenneth P. Mc Neely, President, California
    • Sunne Wright Mc Peak, President CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund
    • Jose Mejia, Director, California State Council of Laborers
    • Andrea Morrison, Director, Government Regulatory Affairs, Direct Energy
    • Peter C Nelson, President Chief Executive Officer, California Water Service Company
    • Ronald Nichols, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Water Power
    • Eric Pendergraft, President, AES Southland

  • Board. of Directors
    • Stephen Pickett, Executive Vice President, External Relations, So. California Edison Co
    • Mark A. Pisano, Senior Fellow, USC
    • James H. Pope, General Manager. Northern California Power Agency
    • Dan Richard, Commissioner, California High Speed Rail Authority
    • Gerald D. Secundy, President, C.C.E.E.B.
    • Daniel Skopec, Vice President, Regulatory Legislative Affairs, Sempra Energy Utilities
    • Jan Smutny-Jones, Executive Director, independent Energy Producers Association
    • Sid Stolper, Secretary Treasurer, Piping Industry Progress Education Trust Fund
    • Stan Williams, Vice President-Project Development, Poseidon Water
    • Jay Ziegler, Director of External Affairs Policy, The Nature Conservancy

    • William T. Bagley, Attorney, Nossaman LLP
    • Chuck Center, Labor Leader
    • Katherine Dunlap, Civic Leader
    • John T. Knox, Attorney, Nossaman LLP
    • Paul N "Pete" Mc Closkey, Jr., Attorney at Law
    • Leon E. Panetta, Director, The Leon 8. Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy
    • Paul V. Priolo, Chair, Sacramento Seminar


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