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Cadem Resolution: Protecting Election Integrity

Cadem Resolutions Committee (2006-01-28) Santa Clara County Democratic Party

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Protecting Election Integrity

Resolution Number MAN06.05

WHEREAS:  There are serious questions about the security of electronic voting machines, and insecure and untested electronic voting equipment endangers the integrity of our democracy; and

WHEREAS:  Absentee voters record their votes on paper ballots and have a higher likelihood of casting their ballots; and 

WHEREAS:  Paper balloting provides a well-tried and well-accepted methodology which helps to secure victory with integrity for candidates

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That the California Democratic Party will commit to a concerted campaign to: (a) increase the public's use of paper balloting and permanent absentees in the 2006 election cycle and until such time as e-voting can be sufficiently secured to guarantee every vote is counted accurately, and (b) prepare county election officials for this increased level of paper balloting so that they will ensure timely availability and accurate processing of those ballots

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  That the California Democratic Party supports urgent efforts to force transparency in voting system software (including open-sourced software); construct national standards for electronic voting machine certification; create external, non-partisan certifying groups who publicly disclose testing results; develop reliable voter verified paper trail systems; adopt robust auditing procedures that include absentee ballots; and update recount procedures.

Submitted by:  the Santa Clara County Democratic Party

* * *

Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At Its Executive Board Meeting
Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel
January 28, 2006

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