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Fri. Nov. 16: A Discussion Between Dahr Jamail and Jeremy Scahill


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Not to Be Missed Extraordinary Evening with Two of the Most Dynamic Voices of the New Generation of Independent Unembedded Journalists: A Discussion Between Dahr Jamail and Jeremy Scahill:
Appearing in Person Together for the First Time in Los Angeles
Book Signing to Follow….

DAHR JAMAIL, author, Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq.

Dahr’s unforgettable heroic eyewitness reporting from the frontlines of Iraq including the bloody siege on Fallujah heard on Democracy Now! gave us names and the faces of the victims of war.


JEREMY SCAHILL, author of The New York Times Bestseller Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Jeremy’s groundbreaking invaluable reporting on Blackwater for more than three years for the Nation and Democracy Now! includes Blackwater’s plans for a new mercenary training base just miles from California/Mexico border.

WHEN: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 16th, 7-9pm Doors open at 6pm. Get There Early -Limited Seating

WHERE: United Teachers of Los Angeles Building (UTLA), 3303 W. Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA, 90010 (@ Berendo, across from Immanuel Presbyterian Church)

PARKING: Available for $5 at UTLA or street parking is also available. Easily accessible from the Vermont & Wilshire Red Line Stop.

DONATION: Suggested$5-$10 donation at the door to cover event costs. Sponsored by: Haymarket Books and Media Sponsor: KPFK 90.7FM

FOR MORE INFO: 213-309-2713


"Every conflict spawns a handful of journalists who are willing to not only brave the war zone but to seek out the stories ignored by the press pack. The Iraq War has brought us Dahr Jamail…. I suspect Jamail’s account will prove an enduring document of what really happened during the chaotic years of occupation, and how it transformed ordinary Iraqis…. If years from now, Americans are willing to read any books about the war, this one should be among them it tells everything." -Mother Jones Magazine


"Blackwater is the utterly gripping and explosive story of how the Bush Administration has spent hundreds of millions of public dollars building a parallel corporate army, an army so loyal to far right causes it constitutes nothing less than a Republican Guard. The most important and chilling book about the death throes of U.S. democracy you will read in years and a triumph of investigative reporting." –Naomi Klein, author No Logo and The Shock Doctrine


Dahr Jamail is an independent journalist who has covered the Middle East for more than four years and author of the forthcoming Haymarket book Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Reporter in Occupied Iraq (October 2007). He has reported extensively from inside Iraq for eight months, and is now writing for the Inter Press Service, The Asia Times, and many other outlets. His reports have been published in The Nation, The Sunday Herald, The Guardian, Foreign Policy in Focus, and The Independent, among other publications. Jamail’s dispatches and hard news stories have been translated into French, Polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish. On radio as well as television, Jamail reports for Democracy Now!, and numerous other stations around the globe. Jamail is also special correspondent for "Flashpoints Radio" (KPFA/Pacifica). He has also reported from Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Jeremy Scahill is an unembedded, international journalist, and is the author of the New York Times bestseller Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Nation Books). He is a correspondent for the national radio and television show Democracy Now! and a frequent contributor to The Nation magazine. He is currently a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute. He has reported extensively from Iraq through both the Clinton and Bush administrations. He reported from Yugoslavia during the 1999 NATO bombing and spent years covering the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic’s government and the rise of a neoliberal regime backed by the United States. He has also reported from Nigeria, where he and colleague Amy Goodman exposed the role of the Chevron oil corporation in the massacre of protesting villagers in the Niger Delta. Traveling around the hurricane zone in the wake of Katrina, Scahill exposed the presence of Blackwater mercenaries in New Orleans and his reporting sparked a Congressional inquiry and an internal Department of Homeland Security investigation. Scahill has won numerous awards, including the prestigious George Polk Award for Foreign Reporting and numerous Project Censored Awards. He was among the only western reporters to gain access to the Abu Ghraib prison when Saddam Hussein was in power and his story on the emptying of that prison won a Golden Reel for "Best National Radio News Story" of 2002. Scahill’s work has appeared in The Nation, The Progressive, In These Times, Dollars and Sense, Z Magazine and on a wide array of websites.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army — a national bestseller, featured on NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross, C-Span Book TV, Democracy Now! CNN — is his first book. In the past few weeks Scahill has been a guest on PBS Bill Moyer’s Journal, HBO Real Time with Bill Maher, and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann.


Published in the Columbia Spectator

Journalist Shares His Experience In Iraq

By Betsy Morais 10/19/2007

Regaling a rowdy crowd about his time as an unembedded journalist in Iraq, Dahr Jamail kicked off the tour of his debut book, Beyond the Green Zone, at Broadway Presbyterian Church Wednesday evening.

At an event sponsored by the Nation Institute and Haymarket Books, Jamail and fellow journalist Jeremy Scahill, spoke about how their frustrations with the U.S. government’s “baseless claims” inspired them to go to Iraq and see what was happening for themselves.

Jamail was moved to tears as he addressed the audience about “this disgusting, savage occupation,” through the eyes of people he met as an unembedded reporter from 2003 to 2005.

“We don’t know the names and the faces of the victims of the Iraq war,” Scahill said. “Thank you, Dahr, for giving the names and the faces.”

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