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No Partisan Politics Please

Voice Of San Diego (2010-08-19) Mark Smith

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No Partisan Politics Please

Randy Dotinga's contemptuous and misleading description of the hunger strike by the Congressional challengers to Duncan Hunter's son needs to be corrected. They're not trying to force Hunter to debate them "more than once." They're trying to force a debate before the election.

Hunter has agreed to a debate, but only after most of the mail-in ballots will already have been cast. The time for a debate is before people vote, not afterward, so that voters can know the candidates' positions.

If Dotinga is opposed to having an informed electorate, the sine qua non of democracy, he should find another occupation, such as an advisor to political smear campaigns.

The hunger strike by Democratic candidate Ray Lutz and Libertarian Mike Benoit is newsworthy enough to have made the New York Times and many other major media outlets. Partisan political operatives like Dotinga have no place at voiceofsandiego.org if you want to be taken seriously with respect to news coverage.

-- MARK SMITH, downtown

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