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C00017 R: Response from San Diego County Registrar of Voters regarding Elections Procedures

Registrar Of Voters (2008-12-16) Registrar Of Voters

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More Info: Election Integrity

Here is the email received regarding this request:

Dear Mr. Lutz, Attached is the Registrar of Votersí response to your letter of December 2. It includes four attachments. As you will note in the response, several items you requested were saved to a CD which I will mail to you along with a hard copy of the letter. You asked to view other items which will require staff time to prepare, and we have therefore asked you to make an appointment to view them. Please note that many staff members, including some who would be involved in producing the documentation mentioned in your letter, will be on vacation starting Monday, December 22. In addition, our office will be closed from December 24 through and including January 2. We will open again for business on January 5, 2009. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me to make arrangements. Finally, due to the extension of litigation against the Registrar by participants in your group, the meeting scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled. Please inform those who had planned to attend. Sincerely, DARREN NEAL
County of San Diego
Registrar of Voters Office
(858) 694-3403
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Title C00017 R: Response from San Diego County Registrar of Voters regarding Elections Procedures
PublisherRegistrar Of Voters
AuthorRegistrar Of Voters
Pub Date 2008-12-16
Media Linkhttp://www.copswiki.org/w119/pub/Common/M717/ResponseCover_-_Signed.pdf
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NoteSan Diego County Canvass Procedures; Includes Ballot Order Procedure, One Percent Manual Tally Procedure, Collection Center Comments on Carton Seals
KeywordsElection Integrity
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20.10_Warehouse_Storage_Log.xlsxls20.10_Warehouse_Storage_Log.xlsmanage 215.5 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  
20.11_AVServerLog.log_November_2008.txttxt20.11_AVServerLog.log_November_2008.txtmanage 2038.0 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  
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20.1_L&A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems 18.xx.pdf20.1_Logic_and_A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems_18.xx.pdfpdf20.1_L&A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems 20.1_Logic_and_A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems_18.xx.pdf 18.xx.pdf manage 88.6 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Unknown User Raymond Lutz  
20.1_Logic_and_A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems_18.xx.pdf20.8_2008-11-04_Tally_Center_Logs.pdfpdf20.1_Logic_and_A_Testing_procedures_for_with_Gems_18.xx.pdf 20.8_2008-11-04_Tally_Center_Logs.pdf manage88.6 K 5010.2 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  
20.8_2008-11-04_Tally_Center_Logs.pdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_1.pdfpdf20.8_2008-11-04_Tally_Center_Logs.pdf COP_PRA_Response_Attach_1.pdf manage5010.2 K 223.1 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  Attachment #1 to C00017 Response
COP_PRA_Response_Attach_1.pdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_2.pdfpdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_1.pdf COP_PRA_Response_Attach_2.pdf manage223.1 K 496.8 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond LutzAttachment #1 #2 to C00017 Response
COP_PRA_Response_Attach_2.pdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_3.pdfpdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_2.pdf COP_PRA_Response_Attach_3.pdf manage496.8 K 1195.1 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond LutzAttachment #2 #3 to C00017 Response
COP_PRA_Response_Attach_3.pdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_4.pdfpdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_3.pdf COP_PRA_Response_Attach_4.pdf manage1195.1 K 163.2 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond LutzAttachment #3 #4 to C00017 Response
COP_PRA_Response_Attach_4.pdfCitiz_Overside_Request_12-2-2008.pdfpdfCOP_PRA_Response_Attach_4.pdf Citiz_Overside_Request_12-2-2008.pdf manage163.2 K 276.8 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond LutzAttachment   #4 to C00017 Response
Citiz_Overside_Request_12-2-2008.pdfDetail_of_Canvass_Procedures.pdfpdfCitiz_Overside_Request_12-2-2008.pdf Detail_of_Canvass_Procedures.pdf manage276.8 K 271.0 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  
Detail_of_Canvass_Procedures.pdfResponseCover_-_Signed.pdfpdfDetail_of_Canvass_Procedures.pdf ResponseCover_-_Signed.pdf manage271.0 K 1527.7 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz  Response Letter (C00017)
ResponseCover_-_Signed.pdfpdfResponseCover_-_Signed.pdfmanage 1527.7 K 2014-06-26 - 17:23Raymond Lutz Response Letter (C00017)

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