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Cops Main List - (copsmain) General Announcements
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Cops Main List
General Announcements COPs Program Anyone
Staff Only
Info Archive Admin

This email list is our main announcement list for general announcements of meetings, press conferences, events, etc. Email volume is low, perhaps one or two emails per week. Anyone may subscribe. Posting is limited to official postings by staff.

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List NameCops Main copsmain
List TitleCops Main
List Description General Announcements
Project TopicCOPs Program
List TagsCurrent Events Theater
List Info LinkList Serve Not Available
Subscribe LinkCops Main
Post Emailcopsmain@citizensoversight.org
Archive LinkList Serve Not Available
Administrate Linkhttp://lists.citizensoversight.org/mailman/admin/copsmain
Who May Join Anyone
Who May Post Staff Only
Moderated Yes
AdministratorRaymond Lutz

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