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2012-03-16 -- HIGHLIGHTS:

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Bank Actions continue!

Goddamitt, he's going under a bridge. Now the signal sucks!
Comic by Parsley Zenyatta of OSD

Power of the Net

Occupy Walk

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)
  • See post-event notes here: M11SanOnofreProtestAndRally
  • photo montage video
  • Nuclear Hot Seat Podcast of 3/11/12
  • Testing of Steam Generation Tubes fail -- From Orange County Register.
  • Review of livestream showed 0.015 mR/hr which is about 1.31 mSv/Yr. The legal maximum ABOVE BACKGROUND is 1mSv/yr. So depending on what the background radiation is, this is right at or perhaps slightly over the legal maximum. The typical background radiation is about 3mSv/yr. Depends on how the device is calibrated, that is, perhaps the background is already zeroed out.
  • COPS will probably request documentation of surveys from the plant that are required by law regarding radiation levels around the plant.
  • Note: Possible next anti-nuke rally April 26 (Thu) or 28 (Sat) to commemorate Chernobyl disaster of 1986-04-26.
  • Full video of the rally: Fukushima Remembered (2 parts)


Legal Hearings, etc.
  • Benjamin Gasper's trial has been postponed to allow the defense to respond to new evidence brought forth by the prosecution. The newest court date is Monday March 19th at 9:30 in department 50.
  • Fish's trial will be on March 22nd.
  • Bobby Uribe's trial starts 4/19. Need witnesses to Bobby Uribe's arrest at port protest
  • HELP: Need video or eye witnesses, anyone who: 1) took video of Mr. Dennison's arrest, especially from the beginning; 2) witnessed Mr. Dennison's arrest; 3) Knows anything about the cops in the photo; 4) was harassed or arrested by any of the cops in the photos. The cops are Button and Newton. The Sgt. is Depress, and Depree started it. Please assist. Mr. Dennison was arrested on 10-28-11 at the civil center.


2012 Mar 16

Media: Occupy San Diego

  • Women Voter's Show Their Anger: Occupy San Diego Protests Darrell Issa Fundraiser Beginning at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, seventy-five citizens from the North County area of San Diego, Calif. converged on the Shadowridge Country Club, in the town of Vista, where Rep. Issa was scheduled to speak to G.O.P. supporters later that evening. Low level republican aspirants could hear the congressman speak at the $150.00 a plate dinner. Attendees with greater expectations were eligible to attend a semi- private gathering for $ 5,000.00 a piece.

  • MWD Accused Of Forming A Shadow Government The San Diego County Water Authority released hundreds of documents this week that it says show members of the Metropolitan Water District formed a “secret society” to deliberately raise the water rates paid by San Diego customers.

Media: Occupy National and Global

  • Students lead living wage protest at University of Virginia amid climate of intimidation “Supervisors [of contract employees] reportedly told people, ‘If you go organize or go to a meeting, you’ll be fired,’” said Susan Fraiman, a professor at the University of Virginia and a long-time activist for living wages for staff and contract workers on campus. In a right-to-work state like Virginia, that might not be illegal — but, according to an advisory opinion issued to UVA in 2006 by then-Attorney General (now Governor) Bob Mc Donnell (R), taking into account the wages your contractors are paying the employees that work on campus when awarding contracts might be.

  • GOP led Wisconsin legislature votes to ban private abortion coverage The Republican led Wisconsin assembly voted to ban private insurance coverage for abortions and mandate abstinence-only sex education classes Wednesday morning, according to The Green Bay Post Gazette. The Assembly voted 61-34 Tuesday evening to ban abortion coverage from a health insurance exchange set up by the Affordable Care Act in 2014.

  • Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader After almost 12 years, first as a summer intern, then in the Death Star and now in London, I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its massive, genocidal space machines. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.

  • After resigning from Goldman Sachs with guns blazing and ink burning, former executive Greg Smith can guarantee there will be no love lost for him on Wall Street. Smith, who published a widely-discussed op-ed in Wednesday morning’s New York Times, has been mocked and doubted.

  • Wisconsin Activists Convicted Of Misdemeanors For Peaceful Sit-In August 25, 2011. This was the day that most state workers saw their paychecks go down by about 15%. Naturally, being as we live in Wisconsin, there were several rallies scheduled on this day. The last rally got done at approximately five fifty, ten minutes before the close of the Wisconsin State Capitol. At the end of the rally everyone marched in the building as police held doors open for us. I was busy trying to get some friends out of jail who had been arrested for driving down a “restricted” street. At about 6:20, when the building had already been closed for twenty minutes, I got in. What I found was about a thousand people in the rotunda. All were shouting and chanting and it was a very jubilant occasion. At about 6:45, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs requested that everyone leave

  • San Onofre Nuclear Plant Probed By The Feds After Radiation Leak A nuclear reactor on the California coast will remain shut down indefinitely while a team of federal inspectors determines why several relatively new tubes became so frail that tests found they could rupture and release radioactive water, a federal official said Thursday. "This is a significant issue," said Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokeswoman Lara Uselding. "A tube rupture is really the concern. ... That's what we don't want to happen."

Related news from San Diego Union Tribune for the last several days.


  • General Assemblies no longer meet daily. See listing below for upcoming GA meeting dates. When GAs fall on a Saturday, meetings will be at Balboa Park (northeast of 6th and Laurel) afternoons (check Calendar for times).
    • Weekly Saturday meetings will also be held at 2 PM at FreedomPlaza.
    • GAs require 20 participants for a quorum.
    • Committee/Working-Group members: Please update any changes or additions as desired to osd-feedback (at) citizensoversight (dot) org.
  • NEW Occupy San Diego maintains a website with a calendar, also committee and events forums, and more at
  • See Event list (below) and Occupy San Diego Calendar for all upcoming events.
. But mark your calendars now for these!


  • (This list is automatically generated from the topic Common.Occupy San Diego Events). Scroll down the topic almost to the bottom or look at the Calendar for more events, not within the next 7 days.

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Things YOU can do right now to help.


I think a complaint to the Citizens Review Board of Police Practices CRBOPP is in order!


See All Occupy San Diego Announcements to read all previous announcements about
  • Where we meet, how to recover confiscated property from the San Diego Police Department, information for people were arrested, etc.



Have you been mistreated by the Police? Have your First Amendment rights been violated? Have you been arrested for nothing, only to have the charges "unfiled" but held over your head for up to a year?
  • NEW First read this document:
  • Make a Complaint: How to Make a Police Complaint
    • Use this form: Complaint Form
    • Forms also available in the lobby of City Hall.
    • Citizen's Review Board member says we do NOT need names & badge numbers. File the complaint & it's up to SDPD to determine who the officer was (But it is better if we have them, of course).
  • ALSO: By telephone or in writing to
    • SDPD Internal Affairs Unit, 1401 Broadway, MS 709, San Diego CA 92101, (619) 531-2801
    • Complaints made to the Citizens Review Board do not necessarily make it into the officers' personnel files
    • Read this: Making Police Compliants That Stick
  • Also, consider making a CLAIM against the city for your BOND money if charges were never filed. They have 45 days to reject the claim, then you file a lawsuit. It costs $400 to file unless you can claim low income.

  • NEW TELL POLICE HOW THEY ARE DOING: Police host monthly meetings in the community to get feedback from community members.

Lutz suing Civic Center Plaza building owners and operators Project Details
  • More on this project... Including collected media, documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • This is a VERY IMPORTANT project because we will directly engage wall street firms who own and operate the Civic Center Plaza office building.

Legal Resources
  • The National Lawyers Guild resources to protesters who have been arrested NEW 619-500-4486
  • 1st Circuit Rules Public Has Right to Videotape Police
  • What to say to cops if you're busted. What you say and do can hurt you in court -- This is what I advise my clients to say when confronted by a law enforcement officer: "Officer, please understand I refuse to talk with you until I consult with my attorney. I also refuse to consent to any search of these premises or any other premises under my control, or in which I have a possessory, proprietary, or privacy interest, including my car, my body, or effects. I hereby demand to immediately be allowed the reasonable opportunity to obtain the advice of my attorney by telephone. from:
  • To check if someone is in jail check this website:
    • It usually takes about 6 hours for someone who has been arrested to pop up here. This site will tell you their charges, bail, etc. Jail's number is (619) 615-2700. The jail won't tell you much if anything that is not on the website. Please check this website before saying someone is in or out of jail to avoid confusion.
  • FYI -- Penal Code 849.5. In any case in which a person is arrested and released and no accusatory pleading is filed charging him with an offense, any record of arrest of the person shall include a record of release. Thereafter, the arrest shall not be deemed an arrest, but a detention only.
  • -- Your rights when you are being arrested falsely.


Occupy San Diego Links

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  • Occupy San Diego project page in "Common" web: Occupy San Diego
  • New Occupy Project (new web): Occupy Web -- we will be migrating to this new web.

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