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Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Thumbnail Link text 40   img tag in HTML  
Sponsor text 40   Name of sponsor organization  
Date date 20   Date(s) of the Eve  
Event Time text 20   Examples: 1pm, 11am-4pm, noon-5:30pm  
Title text 40   Titles of the Event  
Program text 40   Presenter or film or ??  
Venue text 40   From Meeting Places  
Info URL text 40   URL for more information  
Info Phone text 40   Telephone for information  
Info Email text 40   Email for information  
Policy checkbox 6 Please RSVP, Open To Public, Free, BYOB Policies for attending.  
Facebook Events text 40   Link to event on Facebook  
Event Brite URL text 40   URL on  
Keywords select+multi 10 AirProgressive, AlisoBlowout, BallotAccessLawsuit, Blackwater, BlackwaterOtay, BlackwaterNorth, BlackwaterInMoyock, BlackwaterInSouthwesternCollege, BlackwaterWest, BrownAct, BorderSecurity, BudgetAndTaxation, CaliforniaEnergyCommission, CaliforniaPublicUtilitiesCommission, CampaignFinanceReform, ChurchStateSeparation, ClimateChange, CoalitionToDecommissionSanOnofre, CompensationReform, ConstitutionalIssues, CopsChapters, CopsChapterSDEC, COPsProgram, CopsWiki, CovertCanyon, CurrentEventsTheater, DeepwaterHorizon, EagleRockTrainingCenter, EastCountyTransitionalLivingCenter, EasyVoting, ElCajonCityCouncil, ElectionIntegrity, ElectionTeam, SnapshotProtocol, ElectionAuditLawsuit, EncroachmentLaw, EnergyPolicy, FreedomOfSpeech, GmoOpenForum, GovernmentAccessChannel, GrossmontHealthcareBoard, GrossmontUnionHighSchoolDistrict, HarrisRanchFire, HelixWaterDistrict, HelmsProposal, HealthcarePolicy, IsraeliPalestinianConflict, LakesideFireBoard, LaMesaCityCouncil, LaMesaSpringValleySchoolBoard, LocalPolitics, MarchAgainstMonsanto, NetNeutrality, NineEleven, NuclearEnergy, NuclearWaste, OccupySanDiego, OpenBallotInitiative, PadreDamMunicipalWaterDistrict, PensionReform, PoliceDeptOversight, Political Philosophy, President, PrivateMercenaries, ProcinctuGroup, ProgressiveTVandRadio, PublicAccessTV, RockChurchEcpacTakeover, SanBrunoExplosion, SanDiegoLAFCO, SanOnofreLicenseAmendmentIntervention, SanOnofreSettlementFederalCase, SaveECPAC, SealsAtChildrensPool, ShutdownDiablo, ShutSanOnofre, SnapshotProtocol, SunrisePowerlink, Stop ALEC, StopBlackwaterRally, StopNukeDump, StopTheUnfairSettlement, VoterRegistrationArrestOfRayLutz, WarProfiteering, WaterFluoridation, Wind Zero List keywords for searches. See KeywordList  
Publish Status radio 2 Published, Hidden If "Hidden", will not be shown in generated reports. H
Status checkbox 3 Venue Reserved, Program Set, Completed Status of the program H
Paper Invite select+multi 6 Done, RanchoSanDiegoLibrary, ElCajonLibrary, LaMesaFoothillsDemocraticClub, EastCountyDemocraticClub, SanteeDemocraticClub Is the flier/invite done & Distributed? H
Promo Emails checkbox 4   Promotional Emails sent H
Promo Calendars checkbox 4   Promotional Calendars Updated H
Promo Web Pages checkbox 4   Promotional Web Pages Updated H
Social Networks checkbox 4   Events created in various social networks H
Robocalls text 20   Details of Robocalls H
Attendance text 20   Attendance Count at the event H
Revenue text 20   Revenue collected at the event H
Registrations text 20   Voters Registered H
Members text 20   New Members H
Notes text 40   Short review of the event H

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