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VideoArticle(M1507) End of an era at San Onofre: Final siren test -- Jeff Zevely, Cbs News, 2014-10-15


Video(M1501) Group wants conditions for Rock Church lease -- Matt Johnson, CbsNews, 2014-09-23 Features RayLutz

CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8


Video(M1489) Controversy Surrounds Future Of East County Performing Arts Center -- Amita Sharma Maureen Cavanaugh Megan Burke, Kbps News, 2014-09-09 Go to offset 15:00; Features RayLutz and BillWells, El Cajon Mayor


Video(M1585) The Alarming Truths About Genetically Modified Foods -- , Mercola, 2014-07-22 Nice 5-minute overview of GMO problem


Video(M1753) NUHOMS Used Nuclear Fuel Loading -- , Areva Transnuclear, 2014-06-11


Video(M1460) THE RISE OF THE OLIGARCHS Empire interview with Erik Prince -- , AlJazeera, 2014-05-29 Features ErikPrince


VideoArticle(M1448) Mike Aguirre gets cussed out at CPUC -- MorganLee, UnionTribune, 2014-05-22 Related to: PeeveyPartyProtest


Video(M1604) Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Carman About GMO Dangers -- , , 2014-05-18 Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Judy Carman about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods.


Video(M1587) GMO Whistleblower Thierry Vrain talks to Cristie Paris and Nick Bernabe -- , , 2014-04-20


Video(M1520) Into Eternity - Tour of Onkalo Nuclear Waste Repository in Finland -- , Magic Hour Films, 2014-02-03 Excellent and detailed tour of the Onkalo Nuclear waste repository in Finland and related concerns.


Video(M1402) CPUC Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding 2012 -- RayLutz, Citizens Overisight, 2013-10-21 CPUC:A.12-12-012/013


Video(M1461) Shutdown Diablo - California's Last Nuke Standing -- LindaSeeley, Mothers For Peace Ecological Options Network, 2013-08-13

Disclose.tv - Danger at Diablo Canyon Last California Nuclear Plant Standing


Video(M1459) DIABLO - California's Last Nuke Standing -- LindaSeeley, EcologicalOptionsNetwork, 2013-07-30


Video(M1442) Go Down Swinging! -- MichaelTurko, KusiNews, 2013-05-13 Features MichaelAguirre


Video(M1404) Fluoridegate -- A Documentary -- Dr. David Kennedy, , 2013-01-17


Video(M1377) Judge Darling loses control after San Onofre pre-hearing conference. -- United Public Workers For Action, laborvideo, 2013-01-08


Video(M1337) So Cal Edison's efforts to restart generator at San Onofre nuclear plant run into snag -- Atomic Safety & Licensing Board demands documents -- John Carroll, AbcNewsSanDiego, 2012-12-08


Video(M1334) Activist wants hearing on nuke plant licensing -- Kristina Lee, Fox5News, 2012-12-06


Video(M1286) Concerns of Fukushima parallel in Calif. -- Erin Burnett Out Front, CNN, 2012-07-27


Video(M1633) How Is Uranium Mining Conducted in the United States? -- , Nuclear Energy Institute, 2012-07-10 Reducing weapons grade uranium inventory is a good thing but the waste nuclear plants create is more toxic than the uranium itself.


Video(M1309) Previously Classified Documents Unveil Potential Fire Dangers At San Onofre -- Randy Paige, CbsNews, 2012-05-14 Features DanielHirsch


Video(M1376) Tsunami Risk Assessment -- , Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2012-04-17


Video(M1232) Occupy activists try to arrest mayor -- James R. Riffel, Fox5News, 2012-01-30 SnapDragon JerrySanders RayLutz -- Includes Video


Video(M1211) Occupy Movements in San Diego, Oklahoma City, Boise Dig in -- , pbs.org, 2011-12-08 Includes coverage of the arrest of RayLutz and subsequent challenge to voter registration tables.


Video(M1207) Raw video of Ray Lutz being arrested at Freedom Plaza (Civic Center) -- , , 2011-11-29 Lutz was arrested on Tuesday, November 29th after setting up a voter registration table in Civic Center Plaza.


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