Data Form Summary

Form Definition Components

  • Name - Must be unique. Can use spaces and will match unspaced wikiwords. Wikiword topic can be source of values.
  • Type -
    • checkbox - Size field = Num. checkboxes per line. Value field = comma-separated list of item labels.
      • checkbox+buttons will add Set and Clear buttons to the basic checkbox type.
    • radio - Size field = Num. radio buttons
    • label - read-only label text. Value = text of the label.
    • select - Value field should contain a comma-separated list of options for the box. The Size = a fixed size for the box or a range 3..10.
      • select+multi - to allow Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click to select (or deselect) multiple items.
      • select+values - allows display=value format to allow displayed text different from value passed.
      • select+multi+values - both the above.
    • text - one-line text field. Size = text box width in characters. Value is the initial (default) content.
    • textarea - multi-line text box. The Size = columns x rows, e.g. 80x6; default size is 40x5. Value field specifies the initial text.
    • date - specifies a single-line text box and a button next to it; clicking on the button will bring up a calendar.
  • Size - See above.
  • Values - See above. If blank, Name can reference topic with table with column "Name" which will be the values, first one is the default.
  • Tooltip message - message that will be displayed when the cursor is hovered over the field in edit view.
  • Attributes - zero or more attributes separated by commas:
    • H - "Hidden" -- field not shown in view mode but shown in edit mode and stores information.
    • M - "Mandatory" -- The topic cannot be saved unless a value is provided for this field.
    • S - "Suppressed" -- suppressed in view mode unless it has some content. (Modified by Raymond Lutz, 2009-03-25)
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