1000-Year Dry Storage Challenge

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Regarding nuclear waste, we view the likely near-term solution to be storage on or near the surface, in containers that can be easily and passively cooled, and which can be configured for long-term storage of up to 1000 years without any need to move the containers from that location, and which can be protected so as to be immune from terrorist attack.

At this point, we are seeking members of the public, researchers from academia, etc. to step forward to form a team which will determine design goals and accept various design ideas. The overall paradigm of the project in a particular vision of the future will be established on this topic page as it is enhanced. This is an active project which will be enhanced as new facts come to light, new ideas are put forward, and as the team performs its work.

Initial Design Goals

The following list of design goals is put forward for discussion purposes.

  • Designed to be compatible with existing canister designs, such as the Areva NUHOMS canisters or Holtec MPC-37 canisters, and also should be compatible with any other popular canister designs that are deployed.
  • Design life of 1000 years.
  • Dual wall containers, or sealed canisters that are encapsulate in another sealed canister.
  • Monitoring.
  • Retreivable
  • Hardening against terrorist attacks and bomb blasts
  • Graceful failure modes
  • Failure alert mechanisms, such as odors or visual indications.


The process will largely be discussion via email discussion list or on social media open group. Written contributions are requested. Links to related work will be automatically added here if it is tagged with the topic name 1000YearDryStorageChallenge

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Discussion List

See List Serve for all email discussion lists and to add more.

Project Form edit

Project Name 1000-Year Dry Storage Challenge
Project Description Develop designs for next-generation dry storage for nuclear spent fuel with a design life of 1000 years.
Project Founder Ray Lutz
Project Curator Ray Lutz
Project Type Issue Oversight
Project Parents Nuclear Waste
Related Keywords Energy Policy, Nuclear Energy, Shutdown Diablo, Shut San Onofre, Stop Nuke Dump
Project Status Active
Publish Status Published
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